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Activities and Featured Buildings

The James Valley Threshing Show includes many events, happenings and buildings that preserve and demonstrate traditional farming and family life in the Midwest. Browse through our pages to learn more
Case Expo In 2016 James Valley Threshers will host the J.I. Case Foundation 30th Case Expo. Antique Case engines, tractors, and other Case farming equipment will be featured.
150 HP Case Our member Kory Anderson has undertaken the project of re-creating a legendary early 1900's 150 horse power Case road locomotive, none of which are still in existence today. A major and important project.
80 HP Case
Restoration Project
The 80 HP Case steam engine originally owned by the Art Fryslie family is now with the Kevin Anderson family in Andover. Scott Anderson and son Drake are restoring it, and it will be at the Threshing Show this year.
2015 Show
Drone Video
Jason Mentele captured on video from his drone hovering over the Park the early morning preparation for the Tractor Show, the Threshing and Steam Plowing demonstrations. Unique view, fun to see.
2015 Parade
Paul Kosel's YouTube video of the Saturday Parade lets you experience the fun and excitement of one of our most famous events, and a view of vintage vehicles in motion.
Tractor Show Our Showground is filled with tractors of every make and description, plus other antique and interesting farming equipment and vintage vehicles. Many photos to view and study
Steam Plowing Steamers of every size pulling multi-bottom plows in the largest plowing demonstration in the country, a thrilling sight captured in many closeup and long range photos and a video.
Gas Plowing Gas tractors of every age and description pulling plows demonstrate how farming was done, and is still done on family farms in the Midwest.
Threshing Gordon Bergh explains the history of threshing, one of the most ancient of all human endeavors. His story is illustrated with many photos and a video.
Tractor Pull The Brown County Old Time Tractor Association puts on a Tractor Pull competition at the James Valley Threshing Show.
Spark Show At nightfall one of the big steam engines is fired upto send a spectacular show of sparks into the night sky, re-creating the home made fireworks shows originating on family farms of old.
Past Parades Nine pages of photos of some of our past years' parades. Photos can be supersized and downloaded if desired. See all the details of vintage, unusual and treasured farm vehicles and equipment.
Quilt Show Our Quilt Show has a different theme every year, and all types of quilts are shown in the Heritage Crafts Building, with a quilting program on Saturday morning. Many photos
Fiber Arts
The Prairie Fiber Arts Guild gives on-going demonstrations of weaving, knitting, spinning wool, sewing and other traditional fiber arts in the Quilters and Weavers Building.
Ladies of
The Ladies of Steam presented "Women Teaching Women Steam" at our Show, giving women the opportunity to learn hands-on the fun and techniques of operating steam engines.
Kids Tractor
With special kid-size equipment and toy tractors, kids compete in their own tractor pull, just like the big one. Trophies are awarded, and every kid wins a prize. Many photos
Free Tractor The Carl Johnson Memorial Free Tractor Giveaway, to stimulate interest in collecting and showing vintage tractors. Ages 10 to 20 can enter for free. The winner is drawn on Sunday.
4H Club
Ham Dinner
The Lazy Farmers 4H Club has served their famous Saturday Noon Ham Dinner for many years. It's their major fund raising event, and they have also given back to the Show.
Showgoers can join our working Threshers for the traditional hearty breakfast of eggs, sausages, ham, hash browns, baked goods & coffee. In the Feed Bin at the Park. Low price makes it a real bargain too.
On Saturday after the parade the Wells Fargo Bank of Groton provides a free Watermelon Feast to show goers on the Main Street of Threshermen's Park.
Flea Market Showgoers wander through our Flea Market searching for treasures in the variety of interesting goods offered. We welcome our past vendors, and are always looking for new sellers too.

Our fields and buildings house the events and activities that make our Show unique and enjoyable. Browse through the pages to learn more
Tour of Park A virtual Grand Tour of Threshermen's Park and the activities happening during the three days of the Threshing Show. Also a look at most of our buildings, their special features and what goes on there. Many photos
Sawmill The Harold Brown Family Sawmill and the Fie, Briden and Anderson Miniature Sawmill demonstrate how sawing was done back in the days when steam engines provided the power to run the equipment.
Blacksmith The James Valley Tractors Club built and furnished a blacksmith shop like the one John Deere would have used back in the day. Demonstrations are given on heating up iron and making useful objects.
Machines The Roger and Linda Johnson Memorial Building houses vintage and unusual machines and engines used in farming. Ongoing demonstrations are given, and the machines are on display during the Show.
Gas Station The history of the old Stratford Sinclair Station that was moved on to the Threshermen's Park grounds, complete with two antique visible gas pumps. Our musicians may gather there for impromptu jam sessions.
Cook Car Verl Cutler donated his 1924 Cook Car to the James Valley Threshers, where it demonstrates how it was used as a kitchen and dining room to provide meals to threshing crews on family farms back in the day.
Church The history of the Threshers Community Church, which was moved from its original home in Aberdeen and restored to represent the small churches that served farm families in the rural midwest.
Toy Chest Burdell Bohn donated the old one-room school house that both he and his father attended. It is the home of our Toy and Doll Show featuring farming toys, Lionel trains, a model ferris wheel, many dolls and other toys.
School House Our old one-room school house is completely outfitted with vintage school furnishings to show what schooling was like for farm children and teachers in the days before electricity and running water. It was donated by Ray Pulfrey.
Playground The schoolhouse playground is equipped with sturdy swings with horses to ride, slides, teeter totters, and a sandbox fashioned from a big old tractor tire. It provides safe old fashioned fun for youngsters.
Tin Dipper The story of the tin dipper on the water cooler in the schoolhouse, illustrated with a poem by Margaret Neel. It was a necessity back in the days before running water.
Feed Bin &
The Feed Bin is where you can get the Threshermen's Breakfast daily, the 4H Club Ham Dinner on Saturday, and good home cooked hearty meals every day. Our food vendors offer a variety of good food too.
Souvenir Shop Our General Store - the Souvenir shop, is where you can get a variety of fun and useful souvenirs including our fabulous Spark Show T-shirts and sweat shirts, our 40th Anniversary Book and more.
Some features of our show and personal stories telling the history of farming and family life back when the Midwest was being settled. Preserving the machinery and crafts that supported everyday life is our goal. Browse these ages to learn more.
Steam Car The story of Kevin and Donna Anderson's rare 1910 Stanley Steam car. Kevin provides free rides to showgoers as time permits. Two videos show the steam car in operation, fun to watch.
Big Boy Toys All the big boy toys on the Showgrounds make the Show an exciting and fun experience. From huge steam engines to rare vintage farming equipment to tractors and vintage autos, there is plenty to see and talk about.
Steam is King While all kinds of vehicles, tractors, trucks, vintage autos and farm equipment are plentiful in the Show, the real stars are the huge old powerful steam engines that are everywhere in Threshermen's Park. Our big "Steam is King" sign beside Route 12 tells it like it is. Many photos
Sea of Red The "Sea of Red" International Harvester tractor collection of Mick and Carol Osterman is illustrated. Mick describes some of the rare pieces in their extensive collection.
Ford Tractors The story of Gary and Linda Anderson's collection of Ford tractors. They bring many tractors to our show, and invite visiitors to view their collection in their own tractor barn at home.
Going Green "Going Green" with John Deere tractors is the story of Richard Anderson's collection. He loves to participate in the gas tractor plowing, and shows several of his green tractors in the Parade and on the Showgrounds.
Garrett's Story Garrett, one of our youngest members, at the age of 12 tells the story of his first visit to the James Valley Threshing Show, and his introduction to the small town of Andover.
Jordan's Story Jordan, who wrote his story at the age of 12, is very involved in steam, and has participated in the steam plowing demonstrations at the James Valley Threshing Show. He also displays his Lionel trains in the toy show.
Huppmobile Bruce Wherry tells the story of his 1909 Huppmobile, which he rescued and restored and drives in our parade and on the Showground. More vintage automobiles in our vintage car show are also illustrated.
Heritage Crafts Donna Anderson is very active in the Quilt Show and Heritage Crafts activities. Quilting, sewing, weaving, embroidery, and hand work of all types were the way the material needs of everyday family life were met.
Toy Irons Kate Kelly displayed her collection of toy irons and toy laundry equipment in the Heritage Crafts building. The toys reflect how women's work was done back in the days before modern appliances made domestic life easier.
Purses Sue Clunick's amazing collection of vintage beaded and mesh purses is accompanied by Sue's display of vintage women's apparel and other antiques used in the everyday lives of women long ago.
Music The story of our musicians and music, which entertain our showgoers with old fashioned songs and instruments. They bring back memories of family fun back when entertainment was "home made".
Host Town
A bit of the history of the tiny town on the South Dakota prairie that hosts the James Valley Threshing Show's largest demonstration of steam and gas plowing in the country. Plus photos and the Waldorf Hotel.

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2015 VIDEO
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